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And so it begins

I’ve always had a love of words, how they connect us and how they communicate across time and space.

Communication is my passion. To be able express an idea in the simplest of ways to touch another person is a form of magic. We cast spells each time we use a word. Spells to captivate, to uplift, to join together in a brief moment of shared understanding. Of course words are often used to create confusion and fear, but my job is to add a little light to a sometimes dark and cruel world.

Please join me on my journey. Help me celebrate all that is joyful. Simple pleasures that we can all rejoice in. Life is truly a miracle. Communicating this miracle gives me the greatest pleasure.

These blog posts will be full of ideas that you can ponder and take with you in your everyday lives to inspire an even more beautiful world.

Along with my own images my hope is that my words on this blog site will inspire a greater understanding of the magic that the world offers and of the magic that lies deep within us all.

This will also be a portal to drive my own communications business. Let me help you bring your dreams alive through the power of communication.

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A selection of beautiful words and images to inspire self love, peace and harmony

I love how words and images combine to create magical communication. And then sometimes the image is more than enough. 

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Papamoa Paradise 

Images for sale. Please contact me for details. 

Builder Showcase 

A short promo video using images I took of a house being built by Mudge Builders. 

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Easy Peasy Marinade 

Another example of my creative content work x

Susy’s Bacon Pasta

Something a little different x All my content ❤️

Susy’s Bacon Pasta…. 

My first recipe video. I hope you enjoy it x

post ~ script : It was absolutely delicious. All of us loved it. We hope you do too x

Appreciation, Gratitude, Value

The Volunteering sector in New Zealand is transforming rapidly. Thousands of people volunteer their time, skills and company across the country every day. Organisations, both for and not-for-profit, rely heavily upon volunteers to keep functioning. There are young adults seeking vocational experience, retired folk who wish to keep busy and pass on their years worth of experiences, those who are struggling with personal issues which may be holding them back from being employed in the wage economy, and professional people holding down full time jobs who devote their spare time to the cause or causes that tug at their hearts.


One of the most important roles in this new climate is the Volunteer Coordinator. This is an incredibly special role, and is becoming increasingly specialised. This key person will set the tone for how volunteers are treated by the organisation they are working for. The volunteer coordinator must make every single volunteer feel valued and appreciated. So many times an organisation has toppled over because the volunteers have felt used, or worse, useless. Volunteers know they are not being financially recompensed (though organisations with integrity will encourage their volunteers to put in expense claims if they spend their own money on fuel or stationery for instance).

Volunteers get so much satisfaction from their roles. Being a volunteer is great way to be rewarded on a whole being level. As you see the positive influence you are having on a person, or an organisation, your self esteem sky rockets and your confidence soars.

The last thing any volunteer wants to feel is that they are not appreciated for what they do over time. Quite simply, people will shut down and walk away from their role eventually if they are not acknowledged appropriately. We need to retain great volunteers


So how do we go about thanking these incredible people who give so much? It may seem really basic, but the first thing is to actually say, “Thank you”. Often. Whether in person, via text, phone, email or social media platforms, thank you should be expressed. It amazes me how many people ignore this fundamental step when it comes to their volunteegettyimages-185002046-5772f4153df78cb62ce1ad69rs. So many organisations are stuck in ‘expectation’ mode, and not ‘gratitude’ mode. They expect their volunteers to give up their time. To often manage large workloads while balancing their won personal lives. Volunteers need to be thanked for all that they do. Any less would be a huge disservice to all involved.


Another mistake poor people managers make is that they boss their volunteers around rather than guide them in their roles. Many volunteers have had successful careers, businesses and achieved academic prowess. They are motivated, no matter what their age. No one deserves to be disrespected through bossiness. Great structures and training need to be in place so everyone who puts their hand up to volunteer is offered the right support to get started in their role, and then guided and coached so that they can perform their duties to the very best of their abilities.

Giving Up Control

Another crucial characteristic that great volunteer coordinators possess is the ability to give up control of the varied roles that volunteers fulfil. So often volunteers are micro managed to the nth degree. Volunteer coordinators need to trust the systems and process in place so that the volunteer is free to make decisions within their role. Simply put, at some stage micro control needs to end and trust in your people needs to

Of course strict volunteer guidelines will be developed so that that these decisions are being made in good faith. If mistakes are made, then these instances should be seen as growth opportunities for all concerned. Adjustments will be made accordingly and everyone will move on without recrimination. Volunteers are human after all, often learning lots of new skills on the way, and they should be encouraged to take on as much as they feel they are able while maintaining a balanced life.


This ties in with Gratitude and Guidance and Giving Up Control. You must communicate regularly with your volunteers to deal with any issues that arise, to develop better systems of service delivery, to acknowledge, celebrate and encourage your team. You must be approachable and be known as someone who is respected by all members of the organisation the volunteers are working for/with. Communication is two way. You must be prepared to answer questions, put people’s minds at ease (both the volunteers and any stakeholders of the company/organisation) and make sure everyone has the information they need to do a great volunteering job. Communication needs to be professional, respectful and genuine.

Team Work

Team work is the key to success in any Volunteering endeavour. Great teams communicate clearly, support each other, respects the efforts that the volunteers put in, problem solve through difficulties and work well under pressure. Most of all great teams celebrate the achievements of all the team members to encourage even more participation.

Good volunteer teams make sure they support one another in their roles. We may not all be experts in every field, but being aware of the responsibilities that the other team member has allows us to give the right support to make sure pressure is released. And we must remember that volunteer rosters change as life circumstances change. Unless we are fully aware of what each team member does we get completely stuck if a team member leaves.

Team work. Crucial to the success of the organisation and crucial to encouraging passion and enthusiasm amongst the volunteers.


So many organisations and people in the community are benefitting incredibly from the  contributions made by Volunteers. People’s lives are being authentically enhanced by others who give their time to help, in so many ways. We must make valuing our volunteers a top priority so we can retain and attract more highly skilled and compassionate community heroes. Let’s raise our volunteers up so that they in turn will give more to their communities and, in their own way, make the world a better place.

You Hold The Key

Life is miraculous, from conception to our last breath, every function of our biology is incredible. What are the chances that YOU were created? And then, you get to live, breathe, feel, love, touch, taste, smell…. let alone see and hear the world about us.

When do we stop experiencing the wonder? Is it when we are told off at primary school one too many times for daydreaming? Is it when we have to try too hard to fit in to a crowd when we are teenagers, when our authentic self isn’t accepted? Is it when the reality of living in a materialistic world hits us for the first, second, fiftieth time as an adult when we realise that all the ‘things’ in the world just aren’t satisfying like we imagined them to be?

What if I told you that getting back in touch with the child within is the key that you have been searching for to unlock the mysteries of the universe. That all the soul searching, the self help, the endless cycles of filling desires with the next hit of _________ (you can fill the blank) can end with the acknowledgement that the child you were is the person you are now. Just with a few more inches to your frame (in length and width), a few more memories and a few more experiences.

Not all childhoods were easy. Not all children were given the love and nurture they needed to feel whole and secure. But all children dream. All children question. And all children

The Author as a Child

Dream. Question. Play. Love. DQPL. The magic formula for getting back in touch with your true self. We are all big kids playing dress up. Wearing bigger clothes. Pretending that we have it all sorted out when in reality none of us know what we are doing. No one knows what the future will bring. The thing is, we are big kids who have forgotten how to be who we are. Like some kind of growing up induced amnesia.

I want to encourage everyone to grasp the key that unlocks the mysteries of the universe with both hands, and turn that rusty lock until it springs open. We may have to nurture that child who is our authentic self to life again, it may take us time to get back into the practice of DQPL. Once we do, life becomes magical. It becomes fun. It laughs with us. It plays with us. It challenges us to learn and to go deep into living. For life wants us to engage fully, it doesn’t want us to into being lulled into amnesiac robots filling the void with repetitive actions that don’t allow joy.

You have the key. You always did. You may have simply forgotten where you hid it….. It will unlock your greatest treasure. You. The authentic, beautiful, you.

Scenic Trekking with Pakiri Beach Horse Rides

Sharing a travel writing piece I wrote on behalf of Omega Car Rentals.

If you are planning a trip to New Zealand’s largest city, you should definitely consider adding the wonderful Pakiri Beach Horse Rides to your list of things to do in Auckland. Not only will you get to see some of the most spectacular scenery the North Island has to offer, you’ll also get meet some of the most down to earth and passionate people in New Zealand.

Pakiri Beach Horse Rides are only a 90 minute drive from downtown Auckland. It is an easy day trip, or if you have more time available, you have the choice of beautiful accommodation on site. The gorgeous Matakana Wine Trail is just minutes away as well so you can really make the most of your time in the stunning north of the country.

You will have the opportunity to ride the trails of Maori ancestors, visit the ancient Pa site (Maori village and settlement) of a paramount chief, which is situated high above the Pacific Ocean. You will hear stories from the past and see how wonderful the land and people are in the present. Truly an experience you will never forget.

Horse trek Pakiri Beach

What better way to enjoy the spectacular scenery of Pakiri Beach than taking guided horse trek (Photo credit: Pakiri Beach Horse Rides)

Pakiri Beach Horse Rides have been consistently regarded as one of the very best New Zealand horse treks. You have the choice of different treks to suit your time requirements and experience levels. There are so many options to choose from. There are one hour, two hour, half day, full day and sundown treks if you only have a day to spend in the area. You will be able to ride on the deserted Pakiri Beach, over dunes and through the Pohutukawa Groves (pohutukawa trees are one of New Zealand’s native trees also known as the Christmas tree because in summer they bloom a magnificent red). There are rides for novice riders, those who may be a little nervous, and for children who are over 5 years old. There are also a range of more challenging rides for confident riders who thirst for adventure and love being surrounded by the bush, rich farmland and of course the golden sands of Pakiri Beach.

If you have a little more time you can do an Overnight Safari which is a two day trek where you spend the night in a beach cabin or a chalet overlooking one of the local lakes. Everything, including evening and breakfast food, is supplied.

 Pakiri Beach Horse Rides

Pakiri Beach offer a range of scenic horse treks for riders of all abilities (Photo credit: Pakiri Beach Horse Rides)

The Warrior Trail is a five day trek which includes a one night stay at a Marae that still runs on the traditions of the past. Auckland activities don’t come any more authentic than this. If there are less than six people in your group there is a delightful boat shed cottage you can stay in and swim in the harbour Perfect after a day horse riding. The five day horse trek will leave you spellbound with all the beauty you will see on your travels. Truly unique and truly breathtaking.

You can partake in a three day trek as well, called Rahui’s ride. Pakiri Beach Horse Rides, an experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life. This is an exceptional chance to experience the very best the Auckland Region has to offer. For visitors wanting to get to Pakiri Beach, collect an Auckland hire car from Omega, and head north on State Highway 1.

What’s Your Gift?

It has taken me many years and a lot of heartache to be able to see, feel and name the gifts that I have to offer others. Self-doubt or shame have plagued me like a swarm of locusts eating up my self-worth and distorting my view of who I am.

I know that I am not alone. One thing I have always loved about myself is my ability to passionately think about ideas. It is also one of the things that has held me back. Over thinking. Thinking too much about how others perceive me…. in reality it was only my own perceptions that clouded my view.

Over the last three years I have been on a journey of self-acceptance. Learning to love all of me. From the choices I have made, the skin that I am in, taking responsibility for the hurt I have caused…. and with that reflection comes the astounding revelations of all the good that I have created. The love that I have seeded. The joy I have spread. And the gratitude for all that has been to lead me to this very moment that has allowed me to use my gift of communicating to write this blog.

Have you been aware of your gift all of your life? Not in fleeting moments, but Consciously? Have you been able to incorporate your best skills into the life you live? Or are you like me? Have you struggled to find your true self while making choices that lead away from your authentic self? Now this is also a minefield, for as we grow as humans our authentic self shifts just as the tides. The waves may change, but the ocean is constant.wave

When I was a teenager working in my family owned rest home I listened to our residents. When I was a nightclub manager I listened to the customers. When I was recovering from a horrific head injury I listened to fellow recoverers. Running a digital communications business with my ex husband, I listened to the needs of the clients. And when I was a teacher the greatest thing I did in the classroom was listen to the students. Deeply. I heard what they were saying between the words, and we always built a culture of respect because of that deep listening. Being an office manager, again I listened to those I worked with and the customers. And being a content writer, I listen so I can weave my words to ensure that the correct messages are being communicated. So all along my gifts have been with me. It’s only now that I am accutely aware of them… they are no longer in my shadow mind.

I have often been accused of talking too much, but the reality was I was intensely interested in what was being said, and not being said, so I asked questions to go deeper. So I could understand. I have had relationships fail because I heard the unsaid and refused to let lies lie. Because of that I have been humbled and brought to my knees….but still I listen.

I am a communicator. Words…. Spoken. Unspoken. Written. Heard and Acknowledged. They are my gift. Words are my magic. I have learnt a lot in my life from thousands of people. And I am proud of my ability to communicate across generations and cultures. Across time and space if you include Social Media platforms. Most of all I am proud that I can see my own gifts as clear as day, just like the lead photo of this piece. That clarity gives me the strength to carry on. Word by word. I now communicate with myself with love and kindness. Just as I have unconsciously with others my entire life.

So back to my question…. What are your gifts? I’m here to listen, read and learn.



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