I’ve always had a love of words, how they connect us and how they communicate across time and space.

Communication is my passion. To be able express an idea in the simplest of ways to touch another person is a form of magic. We cast spells each time we use a word. Spells to captivate, to uplift, to join together in a brief moment of shared understanding. Of course words are often used to create confusion and fear, but my job is to add a little light to a sometimes dark and cruel world.

Please join me on my journey. Help me celebrate all that is joyful. Simple pleasures that we can all rejoice in. Life is truly a miracle. Communicating this miracle gives me the greatest pleasure.

These blog posts will be full of ideas that you can ponder and take with you in your everyday lives to inspire an even more beautiful world.

Along with my own images my hope is that my words on this blog site will inspire a greater understanding of the magic that the world offers and of the magic that lies deep within us all.

This will also be a portal to drive my own communications business. Let me help you bring your dreams alive through the power of communication.