I’ve recently had several conversations with incredibly creative people who have stunning services that they want to offer to the world. Developing life enhancing products that will uplift the spirit and bring inner peace and joy. One theme keeps recurring in all of these conversations. The lack of time to market their wares.

We all have gifts we can share. We are all incredibly capable beings. And we all have a right to shine our light and promote what we do best. However no one person can do it all. We need support from others to help make our dreams come true.

My gift? To communicate. Through written, verbal and visual languages. To transform ideas and connect with others.

My dream is to help others realise their dreams. A beautiful symbiotic relationship that encourages my own growth and success by supporting others to grow and succeed.

I am excited by the opportunities presenting themselves. Opportunities to develop eye catching, thought provoking and professional material for promotion in print and for the web. There is a huge need to work alongside others who have genius with their creativity but lack the time to draw the public in to be able to enjoy these products.

How many times do we hear about people knowing they should have a website, but simply have no time, or indeed desire, to keep their online presence fresh and updated? How much money is spent on marketing, all with the best intentions, only to see their investment literally disappear into the ether?

This is where a great content specialist can step in and drive promotions and marketing. Utilising modern technology to draw the world into to discover the products and services that incredible people offer, products that will add a little more beauty and joy to the world. A content specialist is able to communicate a creative person’s vision to a market looking for products that resonate and that will add meaning to their lives.

I offer my services to help grow other people’s dreams. I have the skills and knowledge to develop marketing strategies using the best of modern technology while allowing the client’s essence to shine through.

So here I am. Declaring my intention that I am a great communicator. Declaring my intention to solve the problems faced by many creative people, the lack of time to do it all. I will help dreams come true through words, images, communication and my ability to celebrate products and services with clarity.

Susan Rose. Communication Specialist. At Your Service.

Making dreams come true.