In the world of information at our fingertips and an overwhelming amount of websites and social media portals that many of us navigate daily, how do we sift the wheat from the chaff? How do we make the decisions that will help turn our dreams into reality?

If you are looking for answers to your questions or for products online I have some advice. It may seem strange in the technological landscape, but I believe it is the only way for you to know that the answers you seek are valid and that you make wise consumer choices.

It’s simple. How does the article, post or video make you FEEL? How does the sales pitch resonate? Do you feel like a valued participant? Do you feel a human connection? So many websites have a sole purpose. To label you as a consumer. Necessary for their business. It’s time for you to take the power back and make the choice that you will continue to interact with those who see you as a fundamental part of their business, and not simply as a statistic.

We all have needs and wants. Being conscious that the power to engage is in your hands is liberating and takes us away from the cold model of sales to the much warmer one of being valued in a partnership that leads us to enhancing and enriching all, not simply lining the pockets of a faceless CEO.

Are your desires being met by the information you seek? Are you being inundated with generic information that does not ‘speak’ to you? We, as knowledge seekers, have the power to turn away from businesses and websites that only want to instruct you to do something. Instead tune into those who are willing to share more than a product or service. Tune into those businesses who value your unique being. Tune into those portals of information that encourage the flow of ideas and spark your imagination.

I believe the future of online information lies with those who can add the human factor into the technological wizardry. We want to thrive and to live with a deeper meaning. We are no longer happy to settle for being simply a number or sale. We want to connect to the stories that lie behind the information and become woven into the ongoing narrative.

When seeking clarification with a question follow the rule that the information being shared should be only a starting point to asking more questions. We can no longer allow others to dictate to us what is right or wrong. We must continue to challenge ourselves to find our own truths.

Storytelling is what has made us human since the beginning of time. Let the future reclaim the power of the story. Of human connection. Make the choice to interact online with only those things we deeply resonate with and trigger our desire to improve our lives, dream big and help to tell our own stories.

Feel your way through cyber space. Trust your own judgement. And finally, demand that the human element is brought into the technological landscape.

Image Acknowledgment: Dream Catchers created with love by Paccha Lema, captured by the author at the Little Big Markets In Mount Maunganui.