Writing is a creative art, no matter what genre it expresses. It is an art that I truly embrace and I work on my craft to improve my form and structure all the time. A constant process of thoughts turning into words on a page or computer screen, the critical reflection and then refinement.

When people ask me what I do, I reply “I’m a writer”. Their eyes light up and ask me “Oh! You write books?””No”, I reply, “I am a content writer.” And that is when that sparkle in their eyes fades and a blank look replaces it.

Yes, I’m a content writer, a communicator, and a bloody good one. Professionally there is nothing more satisfying than getting a brief from a client, usually about a topic I have been up to that point unfamiliar with, and given the freedom to research and then create a piece of writing that flows from the page and into the minds of the reader with an ease of understanding.

What makes me a great writer? I take the time needed to listen to a client, I ask questions, I gain a sense of what the desired message is and then I act as a conduit to produce a piece of work that the client would have written themselves if they had the time, motivation or skill base. Yes, I have my own style that is woven into the fabric of the piece, but this is not the dominant feature of writing that I have created. It is more of an essence, or the lightest imprint.

In my career as a content writer I have had the pleasure of writing for national and international tourism websites, articles on banking and home ownership, blogs and white papers on online marketing strategies, complete website content (both from the ground up and refreshing and refining existing content) and blogs about education. I’ve also helped others with research for funding applications, created travel itineraries and guided career seekers with creating outstanding CVs. I am now excited to have the opportunities to support local business promote their goods and services with the use of beautifully crafted words and have the prospect of helping an author with editing her novel in progress.

So, dear readers, I am a writer. A content writer. And a very very good one indeed.