Many years ago, not long after my family had emigrated from the UK to New Zealand, there were some very clever ads on tv which used “Don’t leave home till you’ve see the country”. These ads were aimed at the youth market who were leaving New Zealand in droves to embark on their great OE (Overseas Experience). I remember laughing at the ad as it showed off New Zealand’s landscape treasures. And my entire time in New Zealand since has been made up of experiences which have allowed me to truly see the country.

Thames, Coromandel, NZ, Aotearoa

Recently I had a wonderful opportunity to join a friend on a brief road trip from Auckland to Papamoa Beach, via Auckland City, Howick, Royal Oak, Titirangi, New Lynn, Pukekohe, Thames, Whangamata, Waihi, Tauranga and finishing at my home. I was along for the ride as a passenger at the mercy of my friend’s agenda to travel to visit family and stockists of his work (watch out soon for Global Gypsy’s new Shopify site and web content).

I am so grateful that not only did I get to spend some time with a person who is both thoughtful and thoughtprovoking, I had the pleasure of being able to gaze out to the country and soak it all in. I visited unique conscious driven shops owned by people who are creating portals for the sale of wholesome goods, I have been welcomed to join in conversations with incredible beings as we travelled and I have marvelled in the miraculous New Zealand Landscape. Only a few short days filled with rich experiences. Enough memories to last a life time.

Because that is what travel is. As we journey we create memories. We imprint a moment in time on our minds and hearts. We seek adventure and we find a little bit more of ourself reflected back to us, either in the country or the people we encounter.

Karangahake Gorge, NZ, Aotearoa.

As we witness we are witnessed. And we get the chance to be amazed that there are others living in a different part of the country (or indeed, the world) who resonate with us at a level that brings us joy.

Whangamata, NZ, Aotearoa








It takes a certain kind of courage to travel. Whether you are leaving your birth country to adventures unknown, or simply taken the decision to leave home base, there is an element of risk involved. Pushing the limits of your comfort zone to be able to embrace experiences you can’t yet imagine.

travelling feet. author’s own.

Are you willing to forgo aspects of your constructed self to allow for the great possibilities that are awaiting you? You don’t need to travel half way around the world to embrace these possibilities. A road trip, a few pit stops and an open mind may take you further into this glorious adventure called life if you simply take the first step.