I’ve been thinking a lot about the world at large, getting lost in the social media posts on all that is negative, cruel and unjust. Too many dark moments of humans making decisions to hurt others and the environment to list. I certainly don’t need to shine a spotlight on the atrocities as they are plain to see as we scroll through our newsfeeds.

I have always believed that no matter where we are from and what we may look like on the surface, that we are all deeply connected. No matter the creation story we ascribe to, we know that somewhere in our collective history we are connected by virtue of sharing this earth with everything else that lives and breathes, indeed with everything that doesn’t. In the here and now we are connected by the simple facts that we are all present on this planet which is miraculously suspended in the universe.

But the thing that truly connects us? The kindness and compassion that millions of people act upon every single day. The encouraging word, the sharing of food, the unity shown in the face of disaster and the truthful voice rising up to support the downtrodden. Most of all, taking the revolutionary act of self love is the kindest and most compassionate stand we can take. Connecting with ourselves in the deepest and most profound ways. Recognising our own humanity so we can recognise the humanity of others. When we truly see ourselves as deserving of such love, we can begin to see that we ALL are deserving of such compassion. We are all flawed, we have all made mistakes, we have all said or done things which have caused harm. Will these actions forever define us? Or can we find it in ourselves to deeply forgive those own parts in the stories of life that we have woven? Then, and only then, can we then see that we must forgive those whose actions hurt us.

I see the problems that face us all as a global community are grounded in fear. Fear of the ‘other’, fear of loss of some perceived entitlement, fear of women, fear of men, fear of change, fear of abandonment. And what is on the other side of fear? Love. It is love. Now is the time to love as deeply as possible, whenever possible, however possible. Love of self, family, friends, the environment, justice and the love of life itself. And with love, gratitude must take its rightful place. We can’t get stuck in the cycles of fear, though I realise this is written without the spectre of bombs reigning down over my head or rubber bullets being fired at me because I am standing up for basic rights to clean water and the protection of ancestral lands. So yes, I have so much to be grateful for.

In the face of the most brutal injustice I believe humanity has a chance to shine like never before. With acts of kindness, compassion and love. Give in to the greater good. The alternative is simply to brutal to contemplate.

Love hard. Love deep. Love with everything you have got. That’s my plan of attack.What’s yours?