Life is miraculous, from conception to our last breath, every function of our biology is incredible. What are the chances that YOU were created? And then, you get to live, breathe, feel, love, touch, taste, smell…. let alone see and hear the world about us.

When do we stop experiencing the wonder? Is it when we are told off at primary school one too many times for daydreaming? Is it when we have to try too hard to fit in to a crowd when we are teenagers, when our authentic self isn’t accepted? Is it when the reality of living in a materialistic world hits us for the first, second, fiftieth time as an adult when we realise that all the ‘things’ in the world just aren’t satisfying like we imagined them to be?

What if I told you that getting back in touch with the child within is the key that you have been searching for to unlock the mysteries of the universe. That all the soul searching, the self help, the endless cycles of filling desires with the next hit of _________ (you can fill the blank) can end with the acknowledgement that the child you were is the person you are now. Just with a few more inches to your frame (in length and width), a few more memories and a few more experiences.

Not all childhoods were easy. Not all children were given the love and nurture they needed to feel whole and secure. But all children dream. All children question. And all children

The Author as a Child

Dream. Question. Play. Love. DQPL. The magic formula for getting back in touch with your true self. We are all big kids playing dress up. Wearing bigger clothes. Pretending that we have it all sorted out when in reality none of us know what we are doing. No one knows what the future will bring. The thing is, we are big kids who have forgotten how to be who we are. Like some kind of growing up induced amnesia.

I want to encourage everyone to grasp the key that unlocks the mysteries of the universe with both hands, and turn that rusty lock until it springs open. We may have to nurture that child who is our authentic self to life again, it may take us time to get back into the practice of DQPL. Once we do, life becomes magical. It becomes fun. It laughs with us. It plays with us. It challenges us to learn and to go deep into living. For life wants us to engage fully, it doesn’t want us to into being lulled into amnesiac robots filling the void with repetitive actions that don’t allow joy.

You have the key. You always did. You may have simply forgotten where you hid it….. It will unlock your greatest treasure. You. The authentic, beautiful, you.